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February 06, 2010


  • Sit straight on a chair, with feet on the ground

  • Lay the waist of guitar on your right leg.

  • Keep the guitar completely vertical across its width.

  • Place your right arm on the side of the guitar so that it is comfortable.

  • Your arm must bend with your thumb laying on the sixth string corresponding to it.

  • Your hand should cover the sound hole. (On an electric guitar, imagine a sound hole and keep your hand where the sound hole would be)

  • Take the fingers of your left hand & lay it on the strings in the region of the fifth fret.

  • Position your right thumb behind the fingers directly at the back of the neck.

  • Now, tilt forward slightly & relax.

  • Hold the pick in between your index finger & your thumb, with the pick flat in between the side of your index finger & the bottom of your thumb. Your thumb should have to be in line with the first section of the index finger with the pick firmly between.

  • Your wrist should be straight while picking & when you strum, make sure to use your forearm & not your wrist for strength.

  • Your wrist has to be loose enough, but controlled, & you should strum with your forearm. When you strike the strings by holding a chord or a note by your left hand there shouldn’t be a "buzzing" sound. You'll have to practice to get the right amount of pressure.

  • By following these guidelines you can start playing guitar in the right way. If you have any queries or questions regarding any guitar technique e-mail me here Guitarangel@bigfoot.com I’ll gladly help you. Enjoy


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