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February 14, 2010

Why couldn't I learn the guitar? : A question that 98% of people ask themselves who once wished to learn guitar, Are you one of them?

Guitar is the world's most played and liked instrument because of its style and the fact that you can play almost everything on a guitar when you talk about other instruments you are in certain boundaries but with guitar, you can go beyond the imaginations.

Guitar is something that makes almost everyone to wish that if he could play a guitar too! 98% of people wish but not become guitarists. For that, there are 3 reasons;

They think that it is impossible to get their hands on a guitar and their are no music institutes to learn guitar so how are they going to learn guitar?

They don't consider it a good hobby. They think that it's a useless activity and they wont get anything by playing or learning guitar or, they just stop their self from going towards their dream only because they think that people will make fun of them like somebody says; Hey!You wanna be a guitarist! HA! what a joke (or something like that).


They just don't do anything because they will have to spend money to learn guitar! or they call up or meet the music teacher to ask about the music lessons, schedules and details but later on,they don't do anything. Even those who already have bought a guitar to fulfill their desires.

What a shame!

Now, these examples were about the 98% of people who like music and wish to become a guitarist but are not man enough to go and learn it.(I am sorry If i m being rude but this is a reality)

Now lets talk about the remaining 2% of people who wish to learn guitar and become a guitarist. this 2% category is the one who buy a guitar despite of the fact that how much their families and friends oppose against them, Even if they cant afford a guitar, they try every way out and finally, some how, some way, they make it. They buy a guitar.And this 2% category is the ones who put every effort to learn the guitar too even if they don't have money to pay a teacher or institute to learn guitar. Even if they don't have enough time to give to their guitar but they keep practicing, right way or wrong, they practice and don't give up. This is what guitar learning is all about. Whoever gives up, can never be a guitarist, I can bet. I can tell you all of these scenarios bit by bit because I m one of that 2% of people who desire to learn guitar and not just pretend.

Couple of years back I bought a guitar and against all odds started learning it.i looked up to different books, magazines and internet to gather as much information about guitars as I could and scheduled at least 1 hour a day to my guitar. In the beginning, It was as hard as breaking a stone from bare hands. my hands were in so much pain, every time i tried to play the things other guitarist use to play on t.v, I failed. but i didn't quit. i made my frustration and anger my enemy and promised myself that I'm gonna get what i want, sooner or later. Then I worked day after day and after couple of months i saw the results, they were amazing! and the day i saw that i am into the GAME, i started working harder. now i started practicing guitar for 2 hours a day. and the time passed by.

Now, I am a pro level guitarist and have played with many underground bands,participated in many concerts and shows, got many students who are desperate learn music like I was, when i was a beginner guitar player.Some times I stop playing the guitar and think about the times when I was learning what i play now and I feel so good about the thing that i fulfilled my promise which I made to nobody else but to me.

To achieve your goals and desires, all you need is courage and respect for yourself and for the art form. everything will become easy if you work on it. you can't get what you want by sitting where you sit every day. You have to stand up and prove yourself that you are a winner not a looser.

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