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March 13, 2010

Reason why James Blunt made the song: You’re Beautiful

James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful” can be found on his “Back To Bedlam” album which sold 2.37 million copies across the UK in 2005 making it the year’s top selling album.
According to James he came up with this song after seeing his ex-girlfriend with a new man on a train. He says that during the brief eye contact he had with her, they shared a lifetime.
During an interview with the Daily Record, James was asked if he was tired of the song whereby he replied with the following:
“If I had the radio on all the time and they kept playing that song then yes, I’d probably turn it off. But do I still like the song? Absolutely. It’s a really personal song about a moment which meant a great deal to me. And I’m sure plenty of guys have seen their ex-girlfriend with a new man at some stage. It bites into you and I captured that in a really honest song. I love that song for capturing that moment. I’m saddened by what it reminds me of, and I appreciate what it did which is advertise an album I’d made.”


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