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May 30, 2010

5 Questions every Guitarist has to encounter- No matter how much they tick him off

No matter what kind of audience is watching a guitarist playing his music, or which place it is; there always would be 3 stupid questions that all the guitarists have to encounter from the people:

1: How much your guitar worth?

2: have you learned music? or you just play anything that you hear by hitting different strings?

3: How much time will I (the listener) need to be able to play guitar as good as (any of his favorite music bands such as; Linkin park, creed, Bryan Adams etc)?

4: Is it difficult to play a guitar?/ does it all require to hit some strings to come up with a song?

5: Hey, play that song (any random song of his choice).

I mean What the heck people think!!! When will they get aware of the fact that music has deep theories and a huge array of study is required in order to learn an instrument, and one of the most difficult instruments of them all is GUITAR! this should be understood by people as every note that we guitarist hit has a history and meaning to it.

There are thousands of things that we learned to become guitarists such as Major minor chords, Notations, Blues, pentatonic Scales, Rhythms, Vocals and lot more. Every song that we learn takes our days and nights of unlimited practice and hardcore efforts. The most difficult thing that we guitarists encounter is the pain our hands have to go through while practicing guitar; our fingers get sore and our wrists get hurt .

However as a guitarist, I (or we the guitarists) can't respond in a negative, aggressive, funny or taunting manner for the fact that people DON'T REALLY KNOW HOW MUCH RIDICULOUS THEIR QUESTIONS ARE THAT TICK THE GUITARISTS OFF, and they are just asking as it's a normal thing.

So, as far as my self goes; I calmly respond because these are the people who listen to my music and I need their support. (and for the fact that I cant do a f**king thing about it ;-) )

This is Basit Ali signing off, everybody, have a nice weekend...

-Rock ON


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