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March 30, 2010

Beginner Guitar Chords Made Easy (Part 1)

One of the skills you need to master as a guitarist is playing chords. While there are literally thousands of different possible ways of chords on the guitar, we focus on a few guitar chords beginner basics that can be moved and altered chords for many later. These can also be used right away to learn guitar songs easy.

Different flavors

You will learn chords guitar all types, but ultimately, there are two basic types of chords in music: big and small. All possible chords can be grouped into one of these two types. Major chords are built on larger scales and have a sound 'happy', while minor chords come from scales smaller and tend to have a sound 'sad'. While some songs use only one type of an agreement, most of the songs and progressions blend of major and minor chords. Let's start with chords larger.

Home Chords

Major chords are based on larger scales and use the notes first, third and fifth scale. We begin focusing on five major chords: C, A, G, E, and guitar chords D. Learning how this will open a whole world of music for you. Each chord diagram below shows where each string should be fretted, and with his finger. Let's start with open chords, which means that one or more open (not as junk) strings are included. Strings loose are shown with a '0 'in front of the first fret. Let's take a look in G major, which contains the notes G, B and D:

G Major

0 1 2 3 4 5

And |-|—|—|- 4 -|—|—|

B |-|—|—|- 3 -|—|—|

G | 0 |—|—|—|—|—|

D | 0 |—|—|—|—|—|

A 1 |-|—|- -|—|—|—|

And |-|—|—|- 2 -|—|—|

Notice that you need to get your middle finger all the way to the third fret on the bottom rope with his finger the first fret second string. Be sure to scroll wrist back and curl the fingers so that all the strings may move clearly. Try to choose only the sequence A: If you can not clearly hear the note B, wrap the middle finger a little more for it prevents the string. This will be a constant focus as you learn how to play guitar chords beginner: all the notes ring clearly need to sound good. Strum down with your choice, then up: you want all the notes sound as closely as possible, so strum quickly.


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